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Awesome quality

Samsung Galaxy Custom Phone Case


Love it....👍

Worth every penny

I'm in love with my new phone case

Frank Fast

I love it… came out exactly like I wanted it and expected.

Samsung Galaxy Custom Phone Case


Mako phone case

Love my new phone case. Will be ordering another. Just one downside I can't wireless charge my phone with case on

Amazing Customer Service & Quality!

I absolutely love how the case turned out. It was in exact alignment to how I placed the picture on their site.

I also made an error toward the model of my phone, and they were able to identify the phone type and model even before I could, and made the adjustment. Absolutely wonderful.

If you want any picture to be your phone case...go with these guys. You won't regret it. I appreciate the product quality and their help.

If for any reason you need to contact them before finalizing your case, I should note they were also very fast with responding and communicating with me. Total plus if you have questions.

Thank you very much, Phone Case Place. If I ever need a replacement or have another case idea; I know exactly where to go.

Great case! But heads up if you use contactless payment with your phone!

The case itself is very nice and the image printed looks great! Shipping was super fast. They sent it out the same day I ordered!
Just a heads up for anyone who likes to use contactless payment on their phone: The case appears to make this unusable. The case description does say it is not compatible with wireless charging, but I chose to try anyways since wireless charging and contactless payments are different things. However it seems as though the case prevents contactless payment from registering as well.
Overall though it's a really good case!

Samsung Galaxy Custom Phone Case


They are awesome

Case review

Spent 6 bucks extra to get in 3 days, it took six. Not impressed. Case is nice.

You placed an order on Thursday August 25th at 6:20pm. We custom hand made your item, and shipped it, on Friday August 25th, at 11:55am. Only 15 hours after ordering, your item was made and handed off to the post office. Your case was delivered Tuesday August 30th, only 3 business days after it was shipped with the Priority Mail service you selected. Shipping can only happen on business days since shipping services are closed on Sundays. In terms of a handmade custom product, you will find no service on the internet faster then ours.

Samsung Galaxy Custom Phone Case

Google Pixel Custom Phone Case

Google Pixel Custom Phone Case

Looks great!

I was skeptical at first but I plan to order another case now!


Love my Dave Grohl phone case. ♥️
Quick service and shipping

Pretty good

The image quality isn't as crisp as it looks on the website, but it's still pretty good

Jacob, the image quality will be as good as the image that's uploaded. So the higher the resolution image you use, the better the case will turn out. We set all printing methods to the highest quality, so if your image is high quality, your case will be the same. On your image the resolution was only 640 × 1138. Next time look for something in the 2,000 to 3000 resolution range for a crisper look.

Samsung Galaxy Custom Phone Case

My case came out clear and it’s very durable! I would recommend

Love it .

Got my phone case and love it. IT FITS EXACTLY PERFECT. And the design is exactly as I submitted I love it . Nice job . Definitely recommend this site to anyone who wants a case. And it came way before I expected. Very happy with it.

A great gift!

Samsung Galaxy Custom Phone Case


This bich be making me the koolest kid in skool