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Quality work

Quick delivery and looks great!

Pixel 5 case

I wasn't expecting a top notch case but I was willing to make that sacrifice to get a design I wanted, however as soon as I opened the package I was immediately impressed with the print quality and it's been a great case.

It was amazing came early and included all the photos the only thing wrong with it was a photo dragged a little onto another photo but overall amazing, would buy again!

Wrong case

Got the wrong case due to a bug in the system and when I got the Gmail it displayed the correct case until after I got it. Proceeded to Gmail the owner about it and was told they weren't gonna do anything about it except give me a 50% discount for a redo of the order.

Theodore, we offered you a generous resolution to your mistake. When checking out, you see the model you selected on the cart page, checkout page, confirmation email, shipping notification email, and delivery notification email. I understand you think all the emails changed your model selection a week after your purchase, but this is not possible, as nobody can edit an email after it's been delivered and read. We are more then happy to get you taken care of, but if we didn't make the mistake, it's only fair you meet us halfway in covering the costs of a replacement.

I’m genuinely surprised about the quality of the case, not sure what I expected but I know it wasn’t this.
For what my word is worth, this case is worth every penny, and more.

Sturdy Attractive Case

The case felts strong. It has a black, textured silicone frame that makes gripping easy. I uploaded my artwork, and the image came out perfect.

awesome !!

really great !! i had been looking for a phone case, but none of them had fit the iphone 14 :( so i made one and i was very pleased with the results !! looks exactly like the picture, well-made case, and it shipped really fast ! would buy again

I love it, it's one of my paintings! Thank you!! Quick shipping, Easy to work with!!

I always had a taste for the niche topics and decided I wanted to have a phone case of my favorite fighting game character. I peeped random artwork on twitter and cropped it to my satisfaction with my fingers crossed what I recieved would live up to that. It ended up being more with sleek and quality they case looks off of just a google images upload. Definitely take it from this company to turn a phone case into a canvas. Outstanding job.

The best Phone Cases

I had an absolutely fantastic experience when I ordered my phone case along with two others for a friend. The process was seamless, and the quality exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to order again in the future! I was contacted personally to ensure that everything with my order was correct, which really added a personal touch to the whole experience. Owner went above and beyond, asking for feedback and if there were any additional requests I had. This level of care and attention to detail truly made me feel valued as a customer. I was thoroughly impressed and would highly recommend their service to anyone looking for quality products with exceptional customer support.

Amazing I love it

Customozrd Phone Case

I can not say enough goods thgs abt my case. It came exactly as ordered. Absolutely beautiful! I will be buying all my future phone accessories from this online website. Thz so much for the work you put into my special order. I am more than pleased with the end result.

This company makes the best custom phone cases I've ever seen! I ordered 7 cases from them for me and my family and will definitely be ordering more! I had sent in a design and wasn't able to edit the text without creating a double image. But I said screw it and sent it that way because I still wanted that particular design. When I got the case in the mail, no double image!!! This company fixed it for me and edited it perfectly and I didn't even have to ask them to do so! Perfect customer service as well and shipping only takes about 2 days! Everything about this company is a 10! The phone cases have vibrant colors and the cases are great quality as well which I wasn't expecting considering my bad experiences with the cheap cases on Amazon that claim to do the same thing. Trust me, if you want a custom case, this is the best company to buy from hands down! Nothing beats their affordable prices and great quality cases!


I got this made for my girlfriend and you all did a phenomenal job she was very pleased

Better than anticipated!

The turnaround was quick and the colors so bright! Love it!

I love how my phone case turned out with my horses on it.

Pretty great

Love the case design. Vibrant colors really stand out. The only problem I have is that the case could cover a little more of the screen. Other than that I love it

Custom iPhone case

I ordered my grandson an iPhone case with him wearing his baseball outfit for a surprise. I let him open it and he was so excited! The picture was so good and clear! We received it in just a few days! I would recommend this place highly!

Love it, thanks!

apple iphone custom case review

I love this case! exactly what i wanted just wish it came a little faster. Would totally buy again.

Perfect! Thank you

Very Nice Job!

Clear, with a nice glass like shine. Love it! Cannot use wireless charging.


I uploaded a picture and the case was absolutely perfect! I highly recommend it.

Nice product