Return Policy

ThePhoneCasePlace sells personalized products only. Since your phone case has your own image on it, it is something we cannot re-sell and therefore we do not accept returns. If however we made any mistakes, sent you the wrong model, or did not create your design as it was shown, we are happy to ship a replacement or issue a full refund. If you made a mistake, please email me at and I would be happy to find you a resolution.

Upload Your Own Image Disclaimer

When uploading images, a digital preview is provided prior to purchasing the item. Please double check the images you use. ‘Upload your own image’ sales are final. Your personalized product cannot be resold or refurbished.

Images that are of low-quality (screen shots, pictures of pictures, blurry photos, etc) will produce low-quality products. There is no magic wand to make terrible photos better.
Be proactive! We recommend using highest quality images! This means uploading the actual file you want to use – not a screen shot, or picture of a picture.

 A dark picture will result in a dark finished product, please use discretion when choosing photos to use.

If you have a question about an image or if want us to help you edit an image to make it look its best, please leave a note during check out or send us an email here and we will help you! 

Product Process Texture/Appearance

We use a process called sublimation to permanently adhere images to our products. It all starts with our expert Photoshop skills and a metal substrate! From there it takes a steady hand, craft, a ton of pressure and 400°F to produce a ThePhoneCasePlace product!