Top 10 Custom Phone Cases People are Creating.

People create some interesting custom phone cases. After 10 years of making them, here are the top 10 reasons people are making their own phone case.

10. The Weird Gift Phone Case

You can't even imagine what people want on a phone case. We all have an artistic side, and your blank canvas is the custom phone. Upload whatever you want, no matter how weird it is. Maybe it's an inside joke "I love inside jokes. I hope to be apart of one someday"- Michael Scott


9. Anniversary Gift - Using a Wedding Photo.

What better gift, then the gift of a fond memory. If it's a wedding anniversary, or another celebration of love, the perfect gift is taking a photo from a special day, and bringing back those memories in a fun and creative way.

8. Putting an Old Photo on New Technology.

People love to encapsulate an old memory. Did you know we can colorize these old photo's for you? Leave a note when checking out, specializes in making your phone case the best it can be, and we spend meticulous time editing your design so it turns out perfect. Check out our How to Make a Custom Phone Case page for details!

7. Put a Dog on a Phone Case.

People love dogs more than cats or even babies. Not everyone feels this way, but for those who put a dog on their phone case, their priorities are clear. At, we take a firm stand: dogs are #1. Sorry, cats.

6. A Custom Phone Case for Grandma and Grandpa - Put the Grand-kids on a phone case.

Nana, Grandma, Mom-Mom, Nonna, Abuela—whatever you call her, she's going to be overjoyed when she sees her new phone case. Don't bother asking her which phone model she has; she probably doesn't know. Check the settings for her to find out.

5. Cats on Cases. People like to put their cats, on phone cases.


People love cats. We don't get it, but we don't judge it. Love a cat? Put it on a case, so the entire world knows your a cat person, and proud of it.


4. Make a Collage out of Tons of Photos.

Here at ThePhoneCasePlace we tend to be astonished at how many photo's someone takes the time to upload. We have see someone make a collage of over 100 photos! That's the dedication of someone who demands perfection with their custom phone case.

3. Getting into the Holiday Spirit!

Embrace the holiday spirit with a custom holiday-themed phone case! Whether it's Halloween, Christmas, or even Columbus Day, we've seen it all. Show off your favorite holiday with a personalized phone case that captures the festive spirit.



2. Loved Ones. Significant Others. Soul Mates. Twin Flames. Put the one you Love on a Phone Case.

Show your love with a custom phone case! Keep your favorite person with you all the time and let them know they're your number one. A ring is nice, but a personalized phone case featuring your special someone is even nicer.


1. Branding For Your Business! Entrepreneurs, Influences, Small Businesses, and Huge Corporations all love to Brand the most used item today.

The most popular option here at, is helping businesses brand their devices. We have worked with countless businesses, and our most recent partnership with is no different.
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