About Us


My Company:

Welcome to ThePhoneCasePlace.com, where we give our customers the ability to create their own one of a kind masterpeice. With our advanced technology, we allow customers to add images, make collages, add text, and even some advanced photoshop techniques like layering.


About Me:

Hi, I'm Michael. And as the founder of ThePhoneCasePlace.com. I have been making phone cases since 2014. It started as a hobby and an Etsy shop, and expanded to multiple websites and running this business as my full time job.

Small Business Disclaimer

First and foremost, I am a small business owner. I may not be your actual neighbor, but I’m someone’s neighbor. I’m just a regular guy trying to live the American dream. This business is my only source of income and it helps pay the bills. We’re all just people trying to get by. I’m pretty reasonable too, and nobody’s perfect so if you made a mistake when purchasing – talk to me like a real person. Own up to mistakes like not double checking your phone model before purchasing, misspelling someone’s name, and shipping address fails. Chances are regardless of what’s written in our return policy, we are still ready and willing to help you out.