About Us

Our Company

Welcome to ThePhoneCasePlace.com, where we give our customers the ability to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces! Our advanced customization options allow customers to design a great phone case with abilities to add images, make collages, add text, and even some advanced photoshop techniques like layering.

About Us

Hi, I'm Michael, the founder of The Phone Case Place. My wife, Natasha, and I have been making phone cases since 2014. What started out as a hobby Etsy shop soon expanded to multiple websites and a full time job.

Product Process Texture/Appearance

We use a process called heat sublimation to permanently adhere your desired images onto our products. It all starts with our expert Photoshop skills and a metal substrate. From there it takes a steady hand, craft, a few tons of pressure and 400°F to produce a result that is vibrant and will never fade! Any reference to glitter or texture is for aesthetics only, and is not relative to the actual texture of the design. All images are printed flat.

Small Business Disclaimer

First and foremost, I am a small business owner. I may not be your actual neighbor, but I am someone’s neighbor. I’m just a regular guy trying to live the American dream. We’re all just people trying to get by. I’m pretty reasonable too, and nobody’s perfect so if you made a mistake when purchasing, shoot me a message on the Contact Us page, and lets find you a resolution.