About The Phone Case Place - Who we are and where we are from

The Phone Case Place Website and Owner Information


ThePhoneCasePlace.com was founded in 2013, and is a collective collaboration of artists, computer nerds, retail workers, and musicians.  


How ThePhoneCasePlace.com All Started


Have you ever heard the term, when a door closes a window opens? Or is it when a window closes a door opens?  Well whatever the saying, that’s essentially how all of this came about. I was a regular guy working at a retail company for the last 10 years. My everyday job was mostly in technology, fixing computers, training people on them, and doing all things technical. It was a good job, it paid the bills, and it was comfortable. As most of us know, if we are comfortable, we very rarely look to change that. Only when something comes up and knocks us off track, do we really reevaluate our lives and our life goals. Well, after 10 years of working the same job, I was let go due to cut backs, and in the 6 months of not working and scrambling to find a way to pay the bills, a close friend of mine brought me into the world of graphical design. I was never very artistic, and I can barely draw a stick figure, but once shown Photoshop, I discovered that my background in technology gave me an edge when it comes to creating designs, and I right away fell in love with it. Never being able to express myself creatively, finding this new outlet was one of those moments where you stop in the middle of what you are doing and say to yourself, I want to do this for a living. This friend of mine who showed me this new passion, educated me on all I needed to know, and essentially gave me the key to opening a door to a new life. Once I understood how designing worked, I couldn’t stop, and I essentially spent 8 to 12 hours a day making designs, watching YouTube videos on advanced techniques of Photoshop, and perfecting my craft. It took about a year of practice, but by then I had an arsenal of designs, and I was confident enough to venture out and start my own thing. I started with an Etsy and an eBay, and after about a year or so, I decided to start a website. I wanted my website to be a one stop shop for every single design you can ever image wanting. Focusing on pop culture, movies, tv shows, and everything that today's generation is all about and what I love. When I learned that I can be my own boss and do something I love each day, it was clear that this was a passion I wanted to stick with, and with the help of my friends, here I am today, with ThePhoneCasPlace.com launched and ready to provide the masses with tons of amazing and unique designs. It was a hard road to travel, breaking away from what I was used too, and risking it all to run my own business, but it brought me close to my friends, and to my girlfriend, as we collectively work together to provide the world with designs we love to create.




How Does It All Work?


Lots of people send us messages asking us how we make our cases. It’s a relatively simple process called Sublimation Printing. This type of printing yields the highest quality phone case you can buy, and we use high end equipment to make sure that the final result is the most beautiful case you will ever see. It starts out with a design on Photoshop. This is also how we can put your pictures on custom phone cases, as well as personalize any design we sell with your monogram or message. We print out the designs onto a special heat resistant paper that works with the sublimation ink. This gives us the ability to use a heat press and eternally adhere the design onto a metal substrate. We use metal because plastic can ship and peel, and metal will hide scratches and scuffs, keeping your phone case looking new for years to come. We use a military grade adhesive to stick the metal substrate onto a case of your selection, and we ship it right to you! Like I said, it’s a simple process, but it takes patience, a steady hand, and a knowledge of Photoshop and technology in general to get everything to work together. We always obtain all the most popular phone cases that people are looking for, so when you get that new phone, you can show case your passion and style with an exceptional phone case. Lots of burnt fingers and calluses later, we have achieved a perfect final result, and that’s why we are here, to share our proficiency and obsession with you!



Artists Wanted


ThePhoneCasePlace.com is always on the hunt for creative talent. We are open to creating partnerships with designers who want to make some money, and we will work with anyone who wants to sell their artwork on our website. We already have multiple artists on staff and we give them the ability to share their talent with the world by putting their art on the most popular electronic used today. There is no other device we use more then our cell phone, and its something that is an extension of ourselves. For artists out there wanting to get recognized and noticed for your talents, we can provide an opportunity to put your artwork on a phone case, and give you a special section on our website dedicated to showing off your talents. You do nothing but tell us how much you want to make, send us your art, and we do the rest. We will link your own website or blog to give bring you new customers, and it’s a perfect partnership for both people to get noticed. We also have contracts so you know your artwork is protected. If you are interested, please email me at ThePhoneCasePlace@gmail.com or use our Contact US form here.