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Hold the Door... Damn you Game of Thrones!

Hold the Door... Damn you Game of Thrones!

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Game of Thrones has this innate ability to cut off your favorite character at every turn. As we saw in season 1, Ned Stark literally got his head cut off just as you were beginning to LOVE everything about him. For other characters, their peril comes almost seemingly and dare I say, not totally unexpected. Most of them have some kind of moment in the books/show that you’re thinking to yourself….”That was a grave mistake”

Case and point- Robb Stark- really?! You’re betrothed to someone else, you need the bridge, dontcha? And who locks you in a reception hall. Pay Attention!

And no one could forget the death of Oberyn Martell, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack gloats too long with his poisoned end stick.

Most recently, Osha, damn girl- you just aren’t quick enough.

And of course everyone is upset when a direwolf dies, but they are literally just hacking those dogs to pieces this season. It’s a lot to take in.

The death that no one expected though, the character beloved from episode 1, a friendly, notably lame character who can only communicate using one word which has become his long-term nick name, Hodor. His death pulled at your heart strings, and perhaps even made you cry. His death, be it the only heroic death in the series (Sorry Syrio Forel), was the only death that actually drew water from my stone. His entire story is revealed just in time for his character to perish.

Did Bran cause his death? Did Bran create the paradox of Willis/Hodor? Damn you Bran, why did you have to go and get greedy? This is the tell tale sign that your character is on his way out, or perhaps Hodor paid for your life with his.

Whatever comes in the week ahead, I will grieve for Hodor.

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