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Gotta Catch them All! Pokemon GO!

Gotta Catch them All! Pokemon GO!

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Pokemon Go has been storming the world!


With everyone from all ages walking around the streets at night, riding their bikes to the local park, and lets face it- people are almost crashing on their way to work all in the name sake of catching them all, it is safe to say that Niantic is probably making out big time on this app.


I recently moved across the country and have been facetiming with my folks back home. We talk about current events, world news, presidential candidates, and most recently- Pokemon Go.


The conversation with my 68 year old staunch republican father goes as follows

“Dad, have you tried Pokemon GO yet?”

“No, enough with that- its all over the news! Stupid”

“No its not, its awesome! Everyone is playing!!”

“Stop, will you?”

“But Dad… I gotta…”


“I gotta catch them..”

“I’m hanging up”

“I gotta catch them all!!!”


And the screen goes blank. Rather than video call him back, I open my app and begin walking down the street to the park. I just hit level 5 and finally got to choose my team! Mystic for life!! All of my friends are different teams too, Valor & Instinct. I have begun to wonder if it will be like the original 3 gameboy versions (blue, red & yellow) and if you only have access to certain pokemon. Hmm.. I guess we will have to wait and see….. and trade!

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